The list below shows all the artists that have performed in events organised by JonnoPromotions. Click the artists name to see more information about them, or click the browse button to find all events that the artists has performed in.

Albert Lee
Amrit Sond
Angelo Palladino
Anna Goldsmith
Barry Nelson
Blue John & Papa Cass
Brendan Day
Chris Black
Chris Flood
Chris Gray
Christy DeHaven
Clara Barker
Clive Carroll
Clive Gregson
Craig Ogden
Dan Arborise
Dan Buttimore
Dan Donnelly
Darryl Williams & Tim Davis
Dave Pegg
Davy Cain
Davy Knowles
Derrin Nauendorf
Dick Best
Drew Barfield
Eoin Molyneux
Ffinlo Dusty Fred Colley
Gary Ryan
Gordon Giltrap
Hannah Short
Jack Wolter
Jackie Oates
James Tinkler
Jamie Moses
Jeff Lang
Jimmy Gillespie
John Barker
John Snowdon
Jon Gomm
Juan Martin
Kevin Brown
Kit Holmes
Liam & Joe Carter-Hawkins
Liam Carter-Hawkins
Los Pacaminos
Mark Armstrong
Mark Pinder
Matthew Cannell
Matthew Taylor
Matty Collister
Matty Irving
Melvin Duffy
Michael Berk
Mike Reaney
Nick Harper
Nick Kinrade
Patsy Matheson
Paul Kinrade
Paul Salisbury
Paul Young
Pete Bridge
Pete Smith
Pete Woodman
Phil Garry
Pierre Bensusan
Pigs On The Wing
PJ Wright
Planes Over Paris
PNM Trio
Port Erin - Acoustic Set
Postcode Acoustic
Reuben Tyghe
Rev Hammer
Rhysical Pheck
Richard Digance
Richie Moore
Rod Clements
Roger Inniss
Roland Chadwick
Roland Gallery
Sean Christopher
Shane Kerwin
Simon Campbell
Southern Tenant Folk Union
Stepan Podobsky
Steph Joyce
Steve Gibbons
Steve Greetham
Steve Parry
Stone Creation
The Acoustic Gathering
The Ballaghs
The G.A.S.P.
The Gathering
The Hamsters
The Modern Guitar Trio
The Rex
The Skeleton Crew
The Twigs
Three Fat Greeks
Tommy Cole
Truman Falls
Vincent Lindsey-Clark
Walter Ego
Wee Trev
Wingin' It
Yo Yo Hearts